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Our Approach

Our commitment is to offering courses on topics that will assist individuals with real life situations involving major life decisions. Our courses focus on topics such as making a decision whether to file for divorce, getting over a broken relationships, the family court process and other areas generally not found in traditional educational institutions. Sankofa Learning courses are developed based on our philosophy and belief that the answers you are seeking to assist you with major life situations and with transforming your life lay dormant inside you.  We are committed to offering courses to individuals who in turn are committed to self-empowerment and are ready to do the work to reach their desired destination.

Our Story

Our founder's personal and professional experiences spanning over the past 40 years is the inspiration behind the development of this online learning platform.  She brings, not only an extensive background working with individuals who have faced major life challenges, but also an educational background that is the foundation for launching Sankofa Learning:  a Bachelors of Art Degree in Business Administration, Masters of Science Degree in Education and a Juris Doctorate (Law Degree).

Besides the above described educational background, her professional experience includes working in the corporate field, managing and operating job training programs for displaced workers, and employment as Academic Dean at a private business career college.

Additionally, in her professional capacity as a family law attorney, she has spent over 20 years working with individuals who have shared personal stories involving child custody disputes, relationship betrayal, loss of loved ones, divorce, unexpected job loss, financial struggles, and incidents of domestic violence (perpetrators and victims). She has been dedicated to providing guidance and counseling to highly distressed individuals experiencing pain, sadness, depression, hopelessness,frustration, low-self- esteem, anger and/or fear while treading the minefields of the family law courts.  This experience has driven our founder to create online self-empowerment courses to assist individuals with these life changing challenges that is experienced in their life journey.

Please feel free to join our community and grow with us as our course topics expand.

It's All About Self Empowerment

Sankofa Learning believes that empowerment

begins with obtaining the information you need

to make sound and informed decisions.

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Knowledge is Power

Self Paced Learning

Arm yourself with the knowledge needed

assist in helping you to make life changing decisions

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Self Empowerment

New Vision on the Horizon

Take a course and set your vision on new possibilities.

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Self-Paced Online Courses

You Pick the Starting Time

With online learning, there's no obstacles to learning and obtaining the the information needed to make sound decisions.

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